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Let the Games Begin

So you want to play? Register to be part of a game. First, choose a location nearest you, then a game time that suits and fill in your details. If there are no games in your area and you have a few friends who are interested as well, email and let us know. We will see what we can do. Go for it, you will have a blast!

The great thing about Sashseti is, you can play as an individual every time or you can put your own team together with your friends. Personally I like to do both because by myself I make new friends and in my own team we can be more tactical and clever about our game plan. Here is where you can create your own team.

DNA Strand

Ice-cream is delicious, but if that was the only desert you ever had... I am saying it’s good to have a change from time to time. Have a look at these different Sashseti games that you can play. Our all new one called “DNA” plus the favourites “Capture the flag” and “last man/woman/alien standing” and more are coming.

When I was five, “Pass the Parcel” was fun, Now that I am older, I want some real excitement. If it’s your birthday soon, book a Sashseti Party. It was a real ice breaker at mine and my 21 year old uncle started his the same way.  It was so funny to see my mother have a go. She did pretty good...we’re still laughing.

There’s good psychology in letting loose on the office boss, or at least I felt I could get my point across, all be it in the end of a foam dart from my blaster. Really, though.... after we did this, we forgot about a lot of the stresses at work . Actually it was a bit of good exercise and my Kids are pretty jealous too.

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